Doe Deere’s Business Sense Helps Her Grow Her Brand

Doe Deere always does what she can to make things better for herself. She learned a lot about makeup early on. One thing that’s always stuck with her is she doesn’t want to be like the rest. She brushes off tones of beige and maroon. She feels these are not representative of many people. Those who enjoy color must hide behind the neutrals all over the aisles at drugstores. Doe Deere wanted to change that. She wanted to start a revolution. She wanted a different makeup approach. Doe Deere did everything she could to find makeup that would work for what she wanted.


When she was working on blogs, Doe Deere found it difficult to get the makeup that would work for the things she wanted. She didn’t find a lot of colorful makeup in the high-qualify aisles. The makeup that was bright and colorful was made out of harmful chemicals or came from China. Doe Deere didn’t want that stuff anywhere near her face. She felt as though she would just have to settle for the rest of her life. The makeup that was available was the only thing she could do.


Doe Deere has never been one to settle. She doesn’t do settling and she always tries to make sure she’s doing everything right. When she came to the realization she would have to settle, that wasn’t good enough for her. She decided to do something about it. Doe Deere found the high-quality makeup she loved. She mixed the colors and experimented with different things until she found the right colors. This set off her love for customizing her makeup routine and that allowed her to try things that were different from anything anyone had ever done before. It was her way of showing people what she could do with the makeup she had.


Since Doe Deere knew what she was doing with customizing makeup, she decided to take it one step further. She decided it would be a good idea to make her own makeup. She learned about the supplies and the things she could use to make the makeup. Doe Deere found everything she needed and started making the makeup she loved. It worked. She had great colors, custom makeup and could create the perfect looks she always wanted. Her own makeup was really starting to help her. She was showing the looks off on her blog and people loved it.


The next logical step for Doe Deere was to turn the makeup into a brand. She didn’t want to do anything wrong, but she prepared to help people with the makeup she had to offer. The brand changed and morphed into Lime Crime. Doe Deere found it something that she loved doing. She enjoyed creating makeup, selling it, marketing it and running a business even more than she did running a blog. She transformed all her blog followers into customers who wanted to purchase the makeup she was creating on her own from ingredients that were of the highest quality.


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