Meet Sao Paulo’s Successful Lawyer—Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the renowned layers in Brazil. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University where he attained his degree in administrative law. He is also holding a master’s degree in law which he obtained in at the University of Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali went on to join the reputed Getulio Vargas Foundation to do a specialization course in Ethics and Compliance Law. Through sufficient qualifications, the successful lawyerhas portrayed himself as an industrious, self-driven person with competent skills.

Foundation of Fagali Advocates

Bruno Fagali co-founded a law firm in Brazil referred to as Fagali Advocacia. The firm has solved several cases, focusing on public law, anti-corruption, and electoral cases which are critical component of the national justice system. Bruno Fagali and the firm have remained dedicated to clients, helping them understand the law requirements. Together with other advocates, the skilled lawyer has managed to work closely with businesses and corporations to help them get legal justices. Bruno Fagali is able to speak several languages including English, Spanish, and French; this has enabled him serve broad ranges of clients coming from different countries.

Bruno Fagali’s personality

Bruno Fagali has interesting personality which enables him to be the most preferred lawyer in Brazil. He loves keeping track of his clients even after he closes his cases; this caring nature has been appreciated by many clients. The lawyer also stays up to date with all legal reforms and amendments that occur within and outside of Brazil. Being informed has, thus, helped him change the directions of his cases, getting successful in defending all his cases. Bruno Fagali is always happy to help his clients and welcomes new ones with a promise that he will always deliver.


Bruno Fagali owns a website where he can easily reach his clients as well as provide sufficient legal information relevant businesses and regular operations. Since he never minds sharing his expressions and law-related views, Bruno Fagali has shared in writing his ideas of the current justice system on the website. He is currently based in Sao Paulo and is regarded as the lawyer to consider in cases of complianceand administrative law.

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