Dr. David Samadi is One of the Best Prostate Cancer Surgeons in the World

Dr. David Samadi is a globally recognized medical expert as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology at New York’s own Lenox Hill Hospital. One of his favorite quotes is “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessings,” and he appreciates these words because he is a staunch believer of the importance of the family. He also happens to treat all of his patients and colleagues as if they were a part of his family, so, in reality, he believes that the love of humanity is the greatest blessing, and he has been a great example of someone who practices this in his daily life.

Dr. David Samadi completed his degree in biochemistry while attending Stony Brook University, and he earned his M.D while studying at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. He has been to over 45 countries to perform operations and now practices at Lenox Hill Hospital. Part of his expertise is in identifying prostate cancer before it becomes an issue, but he also takes the next step and performs operations that rid people of the disease. His creation of the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) allows him to perform prostate cancer surgery that does not damage the nerves like most prostate cancer surgeries do.

Dr. David Samadi comes up with his ideas by drawing them out in illustrations, and this helps him to remember them. What makes him most productive as an entrepreneur is the deep breathing practices he partakes in, surrounding himself with trustworthy people, spending valuable time with family and friends, and participating in sports, all of which helps him to feel more relaxed so he can be more productive. The greatest quality that most people notice in Dr. David Samadi is how personable and attentive he is. He believes this is the most important role of a medical professional, and he is more than happy to help people feel more relaxed in their daily lives.

Dr. David Samadi is one of the top prostate surgeons in the world, and his dedication and compassion shines through in everything that he does. His robotic surgery method known as SMART is helping men of all ages to not fear dealing with their prostate cancer. While conventional methods of prostate surgery can leave men impotent and dealing with other side effects, his methods do not. He has appeared on many different media outlets and hosted his own show on Fox News and is becoming more and more known as the go to doctor for prostate cancer surgery.