Dick DeVos Combines A Kind Heart With A Winning Business Style

There is always time to make a difference in the world. Many people make a difference in the world by doing small things. If many people do a few small things, the efforts will add up to making a great impact. The idea of people not being able to make a difference in life should never be the thought process that is followed. All people can make a major difference in life. This has been shown over and over again in life.


People that make the effort to help change situations must have passion. One person can change a situation, but the passion that the one person has must be picked up and used by other people. Just one person doing something can encourage other people to do the same. Most people in the world are not leaders. The majority of people are followers. They do what other people do. The people who make changes in the world are usually leaders at some level. Maybe not in an organizational title but a leader of people. In almost any situation, people can identify leaders because leaders standout in the crowd.


Philanthropy has been around for many centuries. People have been given to help people in need in many forms. Although the methods of helping others might change with the times, the thought process behind helping people remains the same. People who give are a shining example to other people. In many cases, people who give encourage other people to give through their example. One of these people is Dick DeVos. A giver of his time and money, Dick DeVos has demonstrated a great example as a philanthropist. A successful businessman with millions of dollars in net worth, Dick DeVos has given many to help other people many times over.


His financial contributions have totaled close to 140 million dollars. People have marveled at his giving. While the amount of money that he has given over the years is impressive, the passion behind his giving is even more impressive. This passion has helped to make the philanthropy community increase its financial contributions over the years. Dick DeVos has done wonders though his given. One of the things that his given has done is to help bring passion to philanthropy.


However, Dick DeVos passion goes beyond his philanthropy efforts. Dick DeVos has passion for the things that he cares about. He brings his passion to his professional career. In his career, Dick DeVos has received numerous awards and honors for his achievements. The passion that he brings to work everyday has helped him to excel in the business world. He is an outstanding executive who has served in major management positions such as CEO in several companies. In every stop in his professional career, Dick DeVos has left the companies in a better situation then when he arrived.


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