Securus Technology manages to Eradicate Illegal Communication in Prisons

The fight against the inmates accessing cell phone has been intensified by Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson is a victim of the use of cell phones to organize crimes. He has worked at the correction for over 15 years. Robert Johnson was once attacked at his home, an attack that was organized by inmates with an intention to kill him. Another incident of a nine-month-old child shot dead was also organized by inmates who were not happy with what their uncle was doing. Through these two incidents, it is clear that the use of cell phones in prison by inmates should be controlled


The chairman of Securus Technology Richard A. said that the WCS introduced by Securus in various facilities is the most effective way to keep the public safe from harm that can be caused by the inmates. The data released by the Securus using the Wireless Containment Solution demonstrated the seriousness of the nation’s contraband cell phone issues, and the ability of the technology to accomplish and bring the desired results. The organization has managed to prevent illegal communication in over eight correctional facilities.


Most people working in corrections considers the use of cell phones in prisons by inmates as a security hazard. Federal Communications Commission is the one in charge of controlling the airwaves of the cell phone providers. It is therefore involved in fighting the use of cell phones by the inmates. The federal laws do not allow the complete blocking of signals or jamming the signals, Florida State is, therefore, trying to invent a technological method that can be selective to help block the signals that are from the inmates’ cell phones.

Johnson is currently working with the Securus technologies as a paid consultant. Securus Technologies is contracted by Florida to offer paid phone calls for the inmates. Through the use of Wireless Containment System, Securus Technologies can detect cell phones used by the inmates and stop their calls. They can intercept a phone call and determine what to do with the number. Securus Technologies can allow only recognized numbers from the prison to connect and drop unauthorized numbers; the system does not block contacts from reaching 911. They can accomplish this duty by using an antenna with a powerful signal. The antennae attract calls coming in or going out from the prisons. The prisons that have been using the Securus system have managed to block over 1.7 million inmate calls.


Securus Technologies has invested $40 million into the WCS and is still investing more into the project. The solution provided by the company has been proved to be the most effective means of doing away with the contraband cell phones in the country. The solution is recommended for all the correctional facilities in different states.